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Please print or write down the seed phrase and store it in a safe place.
If you loose your recovery phrase, your wallet cannot be recovered.
Passphrase will be stored locally on your browser.

Locking WINGS

WINGS tokens must be locked for the duration of a projects forecast and crowdfunding stages to be eligible for rewards.
Locking any amount of WINGS will allow you to forecast on all active projects (projects in the forecasting stage).
You can not send WINGS tokens to another address while tokens are locked.
You can only send WINGS tokens which have not been locked, or have been unlocked.

Note: In the WINGS alpha, forecasters were required to split their WINGS tokens per project. This has been changed. In the beta, you will be able to lock your WINGS once. This will act as a global lock and will enable forecasting for all projects simultaneously.

Unlocking WINGS

You may unlock WINGS at any time if:

1. You do not have any active forecasts.

2. You cancel all of your active forecasts.

3. You wait for all of the projects you have forecasted to be resolved, and claim the corresponding rewards for those projects.


To make a forecast you will need to:

1. Send ETH and WINGS tokens to your WINGS wallet.

2. Lock your WINGS tokens.

3. Make forecast or reject a project.

You are advised to reject projects from being eligible for crowdfunding if:

  • The project is spam or is displaying inappropriate content

  • The project appears to be a scam

  • The project is an unregistered security or illegal in some way

  • If a project is using a custom contract that does not contain a reward for WINGS forecasters or is not correctly implemented

Updating your forecast

You can update a forecast at anytime while the project is in an active forecasting stage. Note that you may lose the early forecast bonus depending on how much time has passed since you placed your original forecast.

Claiming rewards

As soon as crowdfunding concluded and  rewards are calculated you can claim rewards on project page.

Rewards are provided in project’s tokens or project’s tokens + ETH.

Rewards & Forecast Rating

Rewards are calculated based on:

  • Forecast rating (FR)
  • Locked WINGS amount
  • Forecast accuracy
  • How early you made the forecast once the project appears on WINGS

Your FR being lowered when you cancel an active project.  


Each transaction you make will require you to have ETH in your WINGS wallet to cover the cost of transacting on the Ethereum network.

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